Who We Are

Sourcelight Photography is a boutique studio that blends the hottest trends in professional portraiture with a unique narrative style to deliver gallery-quality prints and other fine-art products.


Bruce Jones, Photographer/Director

I’m a midwesterner who migrated to the Northwest after theatre graduate school and a stint as an arts administrator at the University of Kansas. After several years in administration at Washington State University, in 1998 I opened a corporate and documentary video production company in Boise, Idaho. For a photographer (and avid motorcyclist), it’s hard to resist the attraction of Idaho’s beautiful Treasure Valley and Sawtooth Mountain region.

Creating unique, fine-art imagery has been my first love for over 30 years, so in 2005 I changed the business name to Sourcelight Photography and began to focus exclusively on gallery-quality portraiture for a discerning clientele of families and individuals, models, and businesses.


The word photography comes from Greek roots that translate roughly to “writing the light,”  and light is what it’s all about—how much, what kind, and especially the direction it comes from.  At Sourcelight, we’re visual story-tellers, and with our background in theatre, we know that managing the source of the light is the key to being able to tell a dramatic story in a single, astonishing picture.

Sourcelight Designer Sharon JohnsonSharon Johnson, Designer/Cookie Baker

(with) Darby the Wonderdog, Pillow and Pal

BFA in sculpture, BS in Art Education, AA in Fashion Merchandising, 30+ years in the fashion biz, including modeling and designing.  Born in Corvallis, Oregon.  Give me some modeling clay, a kiln, an ocean beach, and a good dog, and I’m good to go.  A garden and some good soil would be nice.

I’m an organic kind of gal, and the more a photograph looks like it’s ready to jump off the page, the better I like it.