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The Fashion Flip

As a commercial photographer and television producer, I shot fashion and product advertising for decades, so it’s only natural here at Sourcelight that we have a tendency to approach our portrait clients as if they were models in a magazine or catalog layout.  That means careful attention to details like wardrobe and make-up, carefully selected and composed backgrounds (including seamless white paper), and impeccable lighting.  It takes time and a full production crew, but the images you get exhibit a professional quality and style that you just don’t see in the run-and-gun photojournalistic trend of the last few years.


Sourcelight Photography's "Fashion-Forward" style of senior portraiture



We kept getting calls from teenagers wanting senior pictures that didn’t “look like a senior portrait,” meaning the typical formal pose in front of a studio backdrop.   These days, most urban photographers respond to that request by hitting the streets to capture informal shots with natural lighting, casual clothing, and deliberately unfocused posing.  When we decided last summer to revisit the Sourcelight approach to senior portraiture,  it just made sense to focus on our unique skill set and offer something different from the usual Treasure Valley senior portrait: the fashion-photography experience.


Senior portraiture by Sourcelight Photography--Tedi O

Senior photography with a Fashion Flair

Jackie spoofin' in the studio

We’ve been shooting models for years (we literally “wrote the book” on modeling), so transforming the senior portrait into a fashion session didn’t require much of a shift for us, and it’s been well received by our young clients.

Teenagers have always had their own sense of style, but today’s generation is particularly fashion-smart.  They’ve been exposed to more media and pop culture than any group in history, and the old Sears catalog that defined teen fashion for earlier generations has given way to names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Billabong, and Beatrice Holloway—all brands marketed specifically to the teen consumer.


Nike sportswear does well with this group as a fashion statement, as does Victoria’s Secret Pink.

This makes our concept pretty easy to pitch to our teen clients: “Imagine you’ve been asked to model the clothes (or make-up or jewelry) for the catalog of the company you bought them from.”  That immediately suggests wardrobe and accessories, backdrops, and poses and expressions.  Our teens get the opportunity to travel with a production crew and star in their own fashion shoot.  Instant glamour and tons of fun!

For more information about Sourcelight’s fashion-forward senior portraiture, visit our seniors page.  To visit the Teens gallery, click here.

Jackie in a hatSwimming champ Cara

Sourcelight Photography's "Fashion





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