Mastering Outdoor Portrait Lighting

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Mastering Outdoor Portrait Lighting $70.00

Sourcelight Photo Workshops Training Series

“Bringing your photography into focus…”

A practical follow-up to the technical information and skills presented in Mastering Your Camera and Mastering the Portrait, Mastering Outdoor Portrait Lighting is a comprehensive educational workshop for the serious amateur photographer who wants to learn how to manage the complex lighting challenges of the outdoor portrait.  If the extreme contrasts and unreliable exposure conditions of outdoor portraiture have you seeing spots through the viewfinder, Mastering Outdoor Portrait Lighting will help you gain confidence in your ability to capture a properly exposed image in any outdoor lighting situation.

In Mastering Outdoor Portrait Lighting, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize, understand, and control outdoor, ambient light with simple modifiers and location techniques
  • How to supplement ambient light with your pop-up flash or with hotshoe-based speedlights
  • How to balance subject exposures and bright backgrounds using high-speed sync
  • How to use free smart-phone applications to meter and set exposures


  • Workshop hours: 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. select Saturday and Sunday afternoons (see schedule)
  • 2 hours of instructional presentation and discussion
  • 2 hours practical work in an exterior setting
  • Location:  Sourcelight Studio and grounds, Boise, Idaho

We provide

  • Personal attention and professional instruction geared specifically to your own equipment, interests, and skill level
  • Field lighting equipment for demonstration and practice
  • An open line for follow-up questions after the workshop is completed
  • Refreshments (yay!)

You provide

  • Digital Single Lens Reflex or Mirrorless Camera with at least the kit lens and your manual; an external flash (speedlight) and a tripod are encouraged, but not required
  • Working familiarity with your camera’s basic controls, including how to alter and select focus areas and how to select and set your exposure priority mode.  You should also understand your camera’s basic exposure metering system.  If you’re not comfortable adjusting these settings, consider enrolling in Mastering Your Camera first.

Registration details

The full workshop fee of $70 is required to secure your registration.  We accept all credit/debit cards, cash, or personal checks made out to Sourcelight Photography.

Full refunds are issued for cancellations received in writing up to 7 days prior to the scheduled workshop date.   Cancellations received after the cut-off date are subject to forfeiture of the payment.


* Special combo pricing is available if participants want to sign up for any or all of the other workshops in the Mastery Series: Mastering Your Camera, Mastering CompositionMastering the Portrait, or Mastering the Landscape.  See the Mastery Series Combo Packages page for more details.