“Model, Actress, Singer, Public Speaker” Yao Yin and Sourcelight

Busy year, and it’s been a while since we wrote about it, but a very enjoyable part of that activity has been our introduction to a unique new model in the Treasure Valley area—Yao Yin. We’ve now worked with her four times, and they’ve all been enjoyable experiences worth sharing.

An immigrant from China, Yao finally had clocked enough time in the U.S. to have just recently earned her U.S. citizenship. A graduate of Oregon State University, she’s currently working as an analyst for the public utilities commission here in Boise. I met her when a former workshop student, Arjun Ramesh, rented the Sourcelight studio for a Japanese/Geisha-themed concept shoot featuring Yao and another local model, Jin Zhu. Yao’s effervescent personality and desire to pursue a modeling career prompted us to invite her in for a portfolio-building session, and we haven’t looked back since. It’s all too rare these days to meet a person who so openly embraces new experiences and new perspectives, and Yao has become one of those occasional joys in the photography business—a client/professional colleague who becomes a friend.

Modeling, of course, is only one of the activities this bon vivant embraces (check out her Facebook Activities page – https://www.facebook.com/YaoYinBoise/ – for a first-hand look at the “Model, Singer, Actress, Public Speaker”’s busy schedule). As for us, we just shoot photos, so here are a couple of standard modeling portfolio shots grabbed during our first, get-acquainted session.

Two weeks later, I had Yao back in for a bit of a personal project in the studio. The overly bright, illustration-style, “pin-up” genre isn’t something we do very often here, but Yao’s perpetually enthusiastic outlook seemed perfect for a day of staged silliness, and 40 years in the photo business means that retro is just, well… history for me. I like history.

We then went outside for the first chance we’ve had to shoot a session in the backyard set we’ve been building for the past year. By now, of course, the wine that had been a stage prop in the studio set was a functional libation for all involved. Yep, we were all very relaxed by then.

At the end of May, we took Yao down to the 9th Street Parking garage for our monthly tryst with the full moon. It can be a patience-trying experience as you wait for the moon to rise over the cityscape and hope the clouds stay away. Yao, as always, was happily up to the challenge. This is one of my favorites from this series we’ve been working on for over a year.

And the fourth Yao Yin session? That one’s a bit more elaborate, so we’ll save it for a dedicated post of its own. Coming soon…

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