Modeling 101

Welcome to Modeling 101, a short course for the prospective model looking to get a jump on a career in the modeling business.  Not “Everything You Ever Wanted/Needed to Know…” just a useful introduction with some tips, tricks, and conventions of the trade, plus a few personal thoughts–both philosophical and practical–on an activity we’ve practiced from both sides of the camera for over 30 years.

Clicking on any of the following topics will take you to specific articles that you can ruminate and comment on–with either a cheer or a jeer.


The Articles

So You Want to Be a Model

An introduction to the business, with a frank discussion of what’s required and how to go about determining if you have what it takes, including four questions you need to answer before you do anything else.



Pick Your Poison

A look at the wide world of modeling.  It’s not all about walking the runway in Paris.  In fact, it’s mostly not about runways at all.  Look over the various genres and find your niche.




Modeling 101-The Agency Maze

Solving the Agency Maze

You need to learn the business and get jobs.  Here’s why you do (or don’t) need an agency.  What about just working with a Model Manager?  And what the heck is a Mother Agency?  Should you go to modeling school?  And how do you meet any of these people anyway?



The Agency Dance

Doing the Agency Dance

Now that you know what to look for, how do you apply to an agency?  Here’s a list of tips on what to do—and not do—to secure that valuable agency representation.




Working the Web

A look at the various model-networking sites and how the Internet has changed the modeling business.  Putting your best foot forward in the online world without shooting it off (Hint: on-line or  not, it’s still all about being professional).



And You Call Yourself a Professional

Uh… no, probably not, but here’s what it takes to earn the title. Some basic things that make real pros stand out, and the foolish things that brand you as an amateur.




Presenting "Model You"My Card, Sir

The materials you need to represent yourself, including the Comp (or Zed) Card and a well-designed portfolio, both the Internet and book versions.  Does anyone still look at a portfolio book?




HeadShot130x130The Head Shot

Why is it that your portfolio shows clients who might want to hire you everything except what you actually look like? Experienced models know that a commercial headshot should be the first and strongest image in your portfolio. Don’t know what it is? Hint: it’s not what ran in your high school yearbook.



Modeling NudeThe Nude Model

“If it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever…”  Should you care?  Is nude modeling a viable business option?   How might it affect, not only your personal life, but other modeling options as well?  A frank look at all sides of the nude modeling decision.



Body Modifications & ModelingMy Body is My Canvas

No doubt, but those expansive tattoos you couldn’t wait to get when you finished high school are going to severely bracket your employment options as a model.  Get ’em if you gotta, but understand the compromises they impose.




The Escort IssueThe Escort Issue

Few decisions will call your professionalism into question like insisting on bringing an “escort” to a photo session. Here’s a look at the issue from both sides, including the security procedures experienced professional models use to protect themselves.



Modeling LinksLinks

Here’s a collection of links to get you started or fill in the gaps.