Picturing the Shot

Welcome to Picturing the Shot, a collection of articles for the serious amateur photographer who wants to learn how to take better photographs.  If your Walmart prints never seem to look like the pictures you saw through the viewfinder, here are some tools, tips, and tricks of the trade that can help you transform your random snapshots into frame-able art.

This series is not intended to be a manual on how to become a professional photographer, but it will give you some insight into the considerations that inform a pro’s approach to capturing consistently high-quality images.  It’s not all, or even very much, about the gear—mostly it’s about training your eye to see light more functionally and being more deliberate about creating pleasing compositions.

We’ll try to help you with both—choosing your gear wisely and learning how to use it to its best advantage; and learning how to work with your subjects to achieve better compositions.

The Articles

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