What We Charge

“Sourcelight Photography is a boutique studio.”

What does that mean?         

SistersIt means we’re not a national chain operation cranking out assembly-line products to maximize our profits.  It means that we are committed to creating gallery-quality photographic art prints for public display rather than digital files meant for viewing on your cell-phone.  Above all, it means we emphasize personalized customer service and the development of meaningful client relationships.

Our convenient packages are designed to be adjusted as necessary to meet the individual needs of our clients, and our rate card is based on an old-fashioned premise: Value, a no-compromise fusion of the highest quality at reasonable prices. That means consulting with our clients before the session, composing and shooting with artistic intent, and never letting a photo leave the Sourcelight studio without being retouched to our exacting, fine-art standards.  It takes more time, and it costs a bit more, but it delivers work that is worthy of framing and displaying as art.  It’s what our clients expect from us, and it’s what we demand from ourselves.



If the following descriptions don’t fit your requirements, contact us for more information about how to create a photo package customized specifically to your needs and budget.

  • Family and Group Portraits:  Starting at $200.00.  For more details, visit the Heritage Portrait page.
  • Small Steps Baby Program: $1250.00.   For more details, visit the Small Steps page.
  • Senior Portraits:  Starting at $299.00.  For more details, visit the Senior Portrait page.
  • Model Portfolios:  Starting at $250.00.  Performer and Executive Head Shots: Starting at $175.00.  For more details, visit the Model Portfolio page.
  • Glamour/Boudoir Session:  Starting at $149.00.   For more details, visit our dedicated Glamour site.
  • Weddings: Starting at $500.00.   For more details, visit our dedicated Weddings site.
  • Engagement Session:  Starting at $200.00.  For more details, visit our dedicated Weddings site.
  • Commercial Photography:  Starting at $100.00/hour.  For more details, visit our Corporate Imaging page.