Private Photography Training

Workshops can be a terrific value, but sometimes their group-oriented curriculum can be too formal or structured to serve a student’s particular needs.  Our private one-on-one or couples lessons are customized to your skill level, area of interest, and equipment.


“Photography is a profoundly universal art form with the power to change minds, alter history, and improve the human condition, and sharing what we know about this wonderful activity is our way of passing the torch to the next generation of visual communicators.  With 30 years’ experience as a professional photographer, 10 years as a corporate communications producer, and another decade of teaching students and delivering educational workshops at both the high school and university levels, teaching photography to other enthusiasts is as natural as breathing to me.”

Bruce Jones, Sourcelight photographer and director 


Call us for personalized instruction designed to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be as a photographer.

Private Photography Training Prices

2-hour individual lesson: $75.00

4-hour individual lesson (may be delivered as two separate sessions of 2 hours each): $140.00

2-hour couples lesson, using the same equipment: $110.00

4-hour couples lesson, using the same equipment: $200.00

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