Taquari’s Small Steps

Taquari Reyes puts the final stamp on his Small Steps adventure.


Sourcelight's Small Steps Program_Taquari Reyes at 9 monthsTaquari and his mother, Jasmine, were one of the first participants in Sourcelight Photography’s Small Steps Baby Program, a complete package of five photography sessions distributed over a baby’s first year, including mom’s pregnancy.







Sourcelight's pregnancy portraiture_Jasmine ReyesOur goal with the program is to commemorate the entire first year of a baby’s life in images that are deliberately intended for gallery-quality display.  Jasmine and Taquari have been a perfect first client for the program–a beautiful, happy mother and child who’ve both been willing (although Taquari hasn’t had much to say about it) to let us push the envelope w-a-y beyond the usual family album.




The Newborn Session_10 days old!

Sourcelight's newborn infant photography_Taquari Reyes at 10 days


When Jasmine first saw her online proofs from the newborn session, she wrote to us, “Okay, so I just stopped crying over how beautiful those pictures are!!!  I have never seen anything more perfect.  Thank you so much.  I just can’t wait ’til the next ones we are going to do.”

And frankly, neither could we.  (BTW, he was born with ALL that hair.  And have you ever seen a cuter, more inquisitive face on a newborn?!?)


Four Months

Sourcelight's infant photography_Taquari Reyes's big feet at 4 monthsBy four months, like most babies, Taquari was mostly interested in sleeping, as expected, so we took the photos available to us, and waited for Mr. Bigfoot to wake up.






Sourcelight's infant photography_Taquari Reyes with a peacock feather



He still wasn’t much interested in posing for the camera until he snagged a peacock feather Mom was trying to tickle him with and proceeded to destroy it.  Okay, he’s a boy…





Nine Months

Sourcelight's infant photography_Jasmine and Taquari Reyes at 9 MonthsBy nine months, Mom had a new look, and Taquari, as usual had an eye for everything.  Easily the most open and fearless baby we’ve ever worked with.


Big Grin for the tot-sized ATV












So, go ahead… try to resist those eyes and that million-dollar smile, we dare you.




  1. Ron Fowler August 16, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    Hey Bruce! The site looks great! You have lots of wonderful work shown. Keep up the great job!

    • Bruce August 22, 2011 at 3:32 am #

      Thanks for the kudos, Ron. Criticism is also welcome. Any suggestions, either here or elsewhere on the site?

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