Our first priority is always a happy customer, and there’s nothing we like better than feedback from our clients and friends. Here are a few samples:


Class was great last night! Cleared up a few things for me!  I’m looking forward to getting out there and applying some new knowledge. I will hopefully be able to take more classes with you in the future. And thank your wife for the delicious cookies! 😉



I had a great time with you and your wonderful wife. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on the pics!



I very much enjoyed The Formal Nude Workshop, thanks for being patient. Thanks to the models as well–if you read this, you were lovely!



There was a wonderful photography workshop held in Boise, Idaho last week.  It was Glamour genre focused and was hosted by Boise Photo Workshops… It is not too often that we have had quality photography education offered in Boise in the Glamour and Boudoir genre. This was a great day of camaraderie and shooting. I can’t recommend these workshops enough. If you are in Boise or anywhere in the northwest for that matter you should look into Boise Photo Workshops. They are top-notch guys.



Thank you so much for the amazing photos!!!! 😀 they look absolutely wonderful! I had an amazing time and… I hope that later down the road we will all work together again because it was wonderful! … Thank you so much for helping me in my modeling career.



It was a lot of fun working with you and your wife. I cant wait to do it again. I love ALL my photos! Thanks once again.



I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and Sharon for a fun and lovely shoot on Sunday. I had so much fun and I really enjoyed the feedback you gave me. I really felt comfortable with you guys and you are really cool people!

The photos turned out just lovely!



Thank you so much for a great time! I had a blast working with you two. You made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I can’t wait to work with you again!



Thank you for the wonderful session, I had a great time. Again, thank you for the beautiful work,



I have looked through my pictures and I absolutely love them all… I had so much fun working with you and Sharon. Thank you so much.



Thank you so much! We really enjoyed our session with you and Sharon, and we LOVE the pictures!! It was a real pleasure to work with both of you, and I am recommending you to all of my co-workers.

Thanks again for everything!



The portrait is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for a job well done. We will definitely use you again.



Thanks for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me. I truly got SO lucky finding a photographer as awesome as you on my first try!



Hey Bruce!!!! I really LOVEEEEE how the photos turned out. Awesome photographer!



I wanted to thank you both so much for the wonderful afternoon/evening. I had been so excited about the pictures that I have been counting the days waiting for my modeling fantasy! But I started to get really nervous two days ago–worrying about all of my body flaws. That insecurity faded as the session progressed because of the way that the two of you worked with me, reassuring me about everything.

Bruce (or should I call you “the miracle worker”?), your direction and patience with me made me feel “special,” which motivated me to loosen up and actually accept my appearance. Sharon, your encouragement and confirmation of my movements when I did certain poses made a huge difference in getting me to express my feelings through my posture. I missed the chance to give you a big “thank you” hug for your help.



Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with (my son). He can be a crazy boy. I actually took him to the doctor yesterday and he had a double ear infection, which I’m assuming had a lot to do with his unwillingess to cooperate. I do appreciate how professional and wonderful you guys were at working with him though and giving us such wonderful photos. I will definitely refer anyone I know to you.

Again, thank you.



Thank you so much for the wonderful day! I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but you both made it fun and I felt so much better (and sexier!) by the time I left that I kept smiling all night!



We wanted to thank you so very much! We had the best time ever in a long time–you made our day, and the pictures look great! Thanks again.

(Sisters) Lynn and Babette